The I’m Possible Program offers meaningful discussions, creative arts, skill building activities with focus on topics and issues that are relevant to your life.  Weekly topics are explored such as relationships, personality styles, interpersonal safety, setting boundaries, clarifying values and purpose, goal setting, addressing conflict, building skills in work and professional life, coping with adversity and difficult emotions, balancing multiple roles, and so much more.

I’m Possible embodies three 10 week sessions. Each 10 Week session builds on itself. Participate in all three sessions or just one!  It us up to you.

Together, we find strength.  By working with me and sharing challenges and perspectives, hopes and fears, pains and joy, discoveries and inspirations, we will weave a network of meaningful relationships and support.  Through participation in the program you have the opportunity you gain self esteem, confidence and skills to live according to your true values, desires, dreams and life’s purpose. Together we will dive into some deep self care, self discovery and come out renewed and refreshed, ready to conquer our goals.

How does it work?

Every week you will be given three things to process and work on at your pace:

  1. A journal Prompt

  2. A perception Challenge

  3. Self-Discovery activity


  1. Weekly nutritional information and recipes

  2. Weekly meditations you can do ANYWHERE

  3. Daily Affirmations directly to your inbox

  4. Scheduled One on One phone/skype calls with me

  5. Goal Setting and accountability with me




If you are local to Nashville there will be the opportunity to meet with other women in the group to create a network of women all working to thrive.

If you are not local, have no fear!  The I’m Possible Facebook page will offer an engaging community that will act as a sounding board for your voice to be heard and responded to by women like you.

Let’s get started

This Program was developed to give you back your power.  It was developed to break the down the walls keeping you from living your best, most abundant and authentic life.  It was developed to remind yourself how to make your health and happiness a priority.

Most programs, especially this jam packed with goodies, will run you a few hundred dollars.  I could charge that (and some will say I should) but I truly am in this thing with you to see you flourish.  

This investment in your future is only $75 and includes everything outlined here for the duration of 10 whole weeks.

So, are you ready to change your life?

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