Frequently Asked Questions



What if I have never been published before?

Oh man.  One of the biggest challenges I faced as a writer was trying to get published.  Many people won't even look at your work if you have not been previously published.  So wait, I have to have been published to be published?  Makes zero sense!  I accept ALL contributions!  The world needs to hear your voice! Bring it on!

do you have a facebook page?

I hear this is good business but truth is, ain't nobody got time to keep up with all the platforms.  I dig Instagram.  If you want to keep in touch and stay in the loop of offerings, go follow me.


Hell yes!  Let's collaborate!! Send me a message.  Got something to say?  A product to promote?  Send the information my way!  I would absolutely love to work with you. 

Do you do speaking engagements?

Yes! If you have an event or Podcast you'd like me to speak on please shoot me an email with the details!