The Self Care Summit


Ten years ago I walked into a building with very few windows and armed security at every door.  On the other side, down a stark hallway, in a room with only six grey chairs sat six very angry 16-18 year old latino gang members.  In lieu of detention, these six boys were given the opportunity to a attend a program aimed at teaching morals, impulse control, aggression replacement and an array of other coping, communication and life skills.  My job was to be the person that taught them.

Armed with an advanced degree, several nationally recognized certifications and of course the script I had memorized from Dangerous Minds, I entered a world unlike anything I had ever experienced--or actually prepared for. In time that six boy group grew to twenty-one boys, and then to girls in the system for gang activity and participation in prostitution and victims of sex trafficking. In four years I worked with over 426 young men and women.  People often ask me if I was able to “save them.” My answer is always the same “No. But they were able to save themselves.” Of the 426 youth I worked with 364 were jumped out of the gang. 342 graduated highschool and 317 went on to graduate from a university. 22 of those kids went on to receive their masters. 112 are working in public service as police officers, EMTs and Firefighters-saving the community they once fought wars in. Of the 364 kids that left the gang, 0 ever went back into the system.

Additionally, during my time at the program my work extended to schools, county jails and even to training members of the Sonoma County Probation Department on effective communication strategies.  I was successful at my job. Extremely successful. But, there was one area that I was failing miserably at--MY life. My personal well being took a back burner--a back burner I forgot to even light. My health, my marriage, my relationships all began to suffer immeasurably because I was so burnt out from the job, a job I LOVED, that I had no energy to take care of myself or express to my friends and family I was drowning in the pain of the people I was helping heal.

Eventually there came a time I had no more to give and I left the field. When I moved to Nashville five years ago I founded The Care Kit. What began as personal self-care coaching has expanded to my truest passion--supporting those who support others.

I achieve this in several ways: 10 Week Personal Power Programs, bi-monthly EmpowHER Parties, speaking engagements, and most impactful (and why I am writing this), The Self-Care Summit.  

The Self Care Summit is an interactive, lively, full day seminar focused on honoring the voices of participants.  The Self-Care Summit offers meaningful discussions, creative arts, skill building activities with focus on topics that are relevant to relationships, personality styles, interpersonal safety, setting boundaries, clarifying values and purpose, addressing conflict, building skills in professional and personal life, coping with adversity, balancing multiple roles and so much more.

Together we find strength. By working and sharing challenges and perspectives, discoveries and inspirations, we will weave a network of meaningful relationships and support in the workplace. Participants will have the opportunity to gain self-esteem, confidence and skills to live according to true values, desires and fulfill their life’s purpose.

By hosting the Self-Care Summit you will be showing your support for those who give of themselves so generously to support others.  In addition, you will see a decline in workplace stress, conflict, sick days, and burn out. You will see an incline in morale, productivity and overall happiness in your employees. This translates to lower health care costs, fewer sick days, less inter-office drama, and ultimately to powerfully engaged, enthusiastic, joyful employees.

I would love to discuss the summit with you further either via email, phone, or ideally in person. Please let me know when would be a good time to discuss.

This is MORE than a Wellness seminar, MORE than a Self-Help session, MORE than a surface level conference.  This is a life changing, self discovery summit tipping the scales to balance the emotional, professional, physical, psychological and personal aspects of self-care.