Become More Resilient

When you ar feeling anxious, it is so easy to focus all your attention on the negative. This only breathes life into your worries and makes them bigger and stronger. Here are a few simple strategies for dealing with all of life’s hiccups and obstacles.

Avoid Negative People

Want to make a difficult sitaution even more annoying and difficult? Surround yourself with unhappy complainers. You must learn to leave situations and relationships with people who thrive on negativity. Instead, sleek out positive people and you may soon adapt their jovial spirit. Energy is contagious. Catch something positive.

Pay it forward

When you are overwhelmed, doing something kid for someone else is usually the last thing you feel like doing, but it is exactly what you need to be doing. Being gernous in words and actions creates positive feelings and gets endophins flowing. In the words of Elle Woods “Endorphins make you happy, Happy people just don’t kill their husbands.”

Accept that failure is inevitable

You can’t win everytime. You just can’t. Mistakes will happen. You will screw something up. Don’t internalize that failure, mistake or mistep. It is not a statement on who you are as a person, or your worth and value. Learn from the mistake and move forward. Giving yourself that little bit of grace will be a game changer.

And my favorite ways to calm nerves and ease anxiety:

  1. VOGUE

    The right kind of body language does just project confidence it actually tells you brain to take a break. Power poses lower your levels of the stress hormone cortisol after just 2 minutes! Strike a power pose and watch your worries melt away!


    Not really—but clenching your fist is a proven way to instantly reduce stress. Your brains left hemisphere control self doubt. So you want your right side to take back control. When you clench your left hand you effectively put your right hemisphere into the driver seat, boosting confidence and decreasing nerves. Try it next time you feel nerves coming on.

    (PS…you may notice football players are often clenching fists before games…this is why! This is a proven tactic for higher performance in high pressure games)d

allison avalon