5 Practices for surrenduring to the dance of life

It is commonly said life is like a dance—one step forward, two steps back, one step to the left and twerk.

When we dance with life we take energy in and give it back to the world in a graceful exchange. We engage with every aspect of our life, at every moment, and with every breath. Here are five simple ways to get your groove on with life.

  1. Celebrate who you are right now

    Pause to recognize and appreciate all that is perfect about you just as you are right now. What are your body’s strengths? Your minds abilities? You have everything you need in you right now.

  2. Reflect on your path

    In each moment we are co-creating an experience, a memory, perhaps even a lesson. We have the opportunity at all times to take ownership of of where we are going and reflect on how far we have come. Try pausing a few times throughout your day to observe if your thoughts, actions and goals are in alignment. What is working? what is not?

  3. Surrender and trust

    Allow yourself to surrender to the changes in your life and to the growing pains that sometimes come along with that. Surrender to the discomfort and trust it will lead you to transformation.

  4. Think of it as an experiement

    There is no magic pill that can instantly help us feel more alive or dig us out of the places we get stuck. No one but you can know what you truly need to thrive. We find out what we need and what makes us better by putting ourselves into experiments. With each experiment we discover how the small or large things effect our relationships and our overall well-being. If one experiment doesn’t work, try another.

  5. Repeat

    Life is not linear. Chronological, sure, but linear no. You will backtrack, go forward at lightning speed, zag to the left and zig to the right before often circling back to the beginning. It is a never ending journey of of learning.

allison avalon