Nature is the best medicine

So many of us juggle jobs, families and information overload on a daily basis. We often lack the support we need to keep all of the plates spinning. Lucky for us, there is a solution, and it is right there in your own backyard…No, for real. Its in your backyard. It is nature.

Humans harbor a deeply evolved connection with nature and there is more research to support tangible benefits to reconnecting with green, growing spaces. Nature occupies center stage in promoting our well-being. Here are a few easy ways spending time outdoors can fix what ails you.


“I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees”


  • Lower your heart rate

    The world is getting louder and the antidote is simple: Nature sounds. There are a ton of studies that show the sounds of nature-from babbling brooks, to ocean waves, and even frogs if thats your thing, can lower the heart rate. If you can’t get outside, try an app.

  • Boost your Immunity

    Like ours ears, our noses are the pathway to our primal, emotional brains. Need proof? Ever smell something from you childhood home and are instantly transported back in time? Or walk by someone wearing the same cologne as your first love and immediately become flooded with thoughts of that person? Our bodies respond to scent. There was a study done in Japan that showed the scent of pine actually helped to build immune boosters! Who knew? I don’t know about sniffing pine needles, but a brisk walk in nature may do the same.

  • Inspire Greater Compassion

    Awe was proven in recent experiments to trigger feelings of compassion, generosity and connection. When we feel big hearted, our personal woes seem smaller. Nature inspires awe in does both large and small. Get outside and gaze at the trees, the oceans, the flowers in bloom and allow yourself to feel awe.

  • See the bigger picture

    There is something called the 3 day effect. It says if you spend 3 days in nature (preferably consecutively) you’re actually able to tap into parts of your brain you usually unable to. Those 3 days will allow you to hear your inner voice clearer, see your goals and work through old wounds. You will leave the 3 days with a greater vision of your future, the woman you are and the woman you aim to become


    Spending time in nature is good for your soul, and research has found that simply walking around outdoors lowers feelings of despair. While getting fresh air is always a good idea, you can also bring nature into your home. A few fun, easy ways:

  • Flex your green thumb: Get a fun plant, or a few succulents. The leafier the better because they will release more oxygen into the home AND eat toxins in your home.

  • Paint a mural: Ok, maybe you aren’t an artist, thats fine, but painting a wall or adding pops of colors found in nature can help reduce anxiety.

  • Let in light: it will keep your circadian rhythm on track so your body naturally knows when to be alert and when to go to sleep.

allison avalon